The Boolean Life
Things are either True or False. Or not.
The Lonely Top
By Olibe.nu

There are 10 kinds of people in this world: those who get binary and those who don't.

Think about it just a little bit and you will might get it.

There are many of such statements which only a limited group of people understand. And that's why we have the lonely top. Most times, when your head is in the tech world, the real world gets so lonely that the words shown below come to mind.

Me, I've got a different problem
I feel like I live in a world made of cardboard
Always taking constant care not to break something
To break someone
Never allowing myself to lose control, even for a moment
Or someone could die
But you can take it, can't you? Big man
What we have here is a rare opportunity
For me to cut loose and show you
Just how powerful I reall am Justice League Season 5, Superman's conversation to Darkside

Ok, ok. I'm not really that powerful, at least, physically (I would like to think I can survive though ;-).

So, I get it that people don't get it. Does that codemn me to talking in a constant whisper? I don't think so. It is too lonely at the top, too crowded below. If you've found this blog and you get it, welcome to The Lonely Top. Feel free to drop me a word or two on Twitter (@olibenu) or by mail (olibenu@olibenu.com). Let me know what you are working on so I know the top isn't lonely. If you don't get it ... Well, there's no middle level, just be programmed then!

By the way, I was formerly blogging on Archaic Mosaic on sigma-works.com until I decided to move things here. I see you!