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About mobile subscriber databases
By Olibe.nu

Is it just me or does everyone else also think along the lines of: what the heck did registering our SIMs do?

Perhaps it is like toilet paper: useful for wiping the unmentionables. I had thought I told MTN I was Christian. So why do I get the Barka da Sallah and Prayer Time spam ads? Don't they do some sort of profiling?

I had called Airtel, asking them to cut down on the promo sms alerts sent to my line. Or at least put me in a list of people who do not wish to receive them. The customer care rep said that wasn't possible. So there is no concept of person, only customers - all of us lumped together like the animals in Animal Farm. Next thing you know, it will be:

Merry Christmas, Mallam.


Barka da Sallah, Reverend.

You may laugh. It could be funny but sometimes, it isn't.

santa hat

This sort of thing makes you wonder what such a database is worth to the likes of Google. Just imagine Google with the phone numbers of all those at about 16 years old who are about to get into tertiary institutions. How many book ads is that? Or all who are around the age of newly wed couples looking for a dream house. Or better yet, all those who travel frequently (of course, your network provider knows which mast your phone connects to).

The list is endless. When the GSM networks realize the goldmine they sit on (like Instagram just did), I just hope they remember our privacy is not for sale no matter the asking price. Being Nigerians, I think they should ask first!