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The 3D Face Algorithm (Part III)
By Olibe.nu

The part I and part II of this paper are available if you haven't read them. This is to summarise and mention what has being done.

The part I and part II of this paper explain the aim of the algorithm

To summarise, the 3D Face algorithm is:

the spread of data unto the congruent convex regular polygon faces of the platonic solid


1. A public key which determines face rotation.

2. A private key determining face layering.

What I have failed to define are quite a number. If really I'm up to something here, the specific mathematical functions or operations I continually refer to would be defined.

These would be areas such as:

1. Determination of the base face (face 0).

2. Operation on fixed length data from datastream before write.

3. Storage of data on face such as not to overflow (see step 3 of part I)

4. Operations to determine face rotation.

5. Specifics on storing data on a face in layers.

And other little bits which may come up in the implementation of the above.