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Between two mirrors
By Olibe.nu

I used to think I was limitless. Like in the movie of the same name. Come to think of it, I still think I am.

In fact, my signature in one forum was:

I stand between the mirrors of my past and my future.
I am limitless without a pill!

Let me explain.

In Physics, we were taught that if you put an object between two plane mirrors, you will have an infinite number of reflections. This is because one mirror creates a reflection of the object. The resulting image (the reflection, that is) becomes an object for the second mirror to reflect which in turn creates a reflection of its own which then becomes the object of reflection of the first and so on ad infinitum.

between two mirrors

I'm sorry if you don't get it. It is visual recursion and I could not simplify it further. So what am I saying? 2013 is a new year. 2012 is the old. The world didn't end and perhaps, it won't until the year 7138 AD which is 5,126 years until the Mayan calendar resets again. So, if you take the year 2012 as the mirror behind you and the new year 2013 as the mirror in front of you, YOU will then be the object, reflected into an infinite number of images!

So, as you enter 2013, know that the past is behind you and the future is in front. This gives you different (and uncountable) iterations of what you can be. I guess that is what they mean by learning from the past

But enough of the psych! Let me get on to another application of this infinite image thing.

The question is this: why won't you turn down the volume of your radio set when you call in? Or at least get away from the radio? That annoying scratchy noise is an infinite echo! You talk into the phone, your voice gets blared over the radio and because you have stupidly refused to move away from the radio set, the sounds goes back into the phone's mouthpiece and comes back out of the radio: an infinite cycle with the volume of sound reducing until it can not be heard.

I plan to get in the Radio business this new year and this is what I'm going to tell those who call in and refuse to heed this issue.

Good luck deciding which of the image to work towards! Remember that until you work towards making them real, they are just illusions.