The Boolean Life
Things are either True or False. Or not.
My black ass
By Olibe.nu

I was writing my first story. Feeling naughty, I decided to write a little poem that would make 'kiss my black ass' something positive.

After I had finished an edify on age
Applaud, applaud, my subjects gave
I with appreciation made gape
You may kiss my black ass, I said.

Before you preach, I say
Let me tell you, please, a tale
Like babies, sit by the flame
While I expose to you the bane.

A citizen of Arabia
Got the god’s curse of gold
The story wouldn’t have told
Until he found an ass of gold.

T’was his culture from the day
A black ass rose to fame
To wish all whom he saw in a day
To meet a black ass on the way.

Now you know your bane
After my tale, I still say
May you kiss my black ass today
And to that you can say – I may!