The Boolean Life
Things are either True or False. Or not.
About Olibenu
By Olibe.nu

Life is boolean. This statement can only be true or false... Or not. I whack moles too.

It is a bit like Mr. Facing-both-ways of Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, isn't it? Looking at life's problems this way helps simplify things. You take a problem, look at the way it is being tackled currently, think of another way it can be done never forgetting that these two aforementioned solutions are not the only way. Thinking this way means you know that there is a box. And that there are other ways outside the box.

I whack moles. Not the wet work before someone calls me to take out Snowden. The moles I mean are those challenges which pop up engineering, education, finance and entertainment (music and video, especially distribution) along desktop, mobile, web and social circles. I whack them with a software hammer. I also write, besides software, literature and some crazy ideas on my blog.

Did I forget to mention that I do all this from Nigeria? When you run into me on Twitter, GitHub or Sourceforge you'll notice that I really believe that:

Every good work of software starts by scratching a developer’s personal itch. Eric Steven Raymond. The Cathedral and the Bazaar

And that is usually the birth of most of my projects. So, it is most likely that I've come across your kind of mole. I also consult (or whatever it is friends and family call on you to do without paying you) on different software related issues.

Oh, one more thing. About the technology running this site, given in the spirit of open source. I use Twitter's Bootstrap for the GUI (cool isn't it?). Here is a link to the Bootstrap GitHub page.

Feel free to look around, just do not, I repeat, don't break anything!