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Have you ever laid an Easter egg?
By Olibe.nu

It is regular practice to replace the core of Christian themes. Christmas with Santa, Easter with the Easter bunny and Easter eggs.

So, let me just say what Easter really means before I move on.

Easter is when that dude Jesus, you know, the little baby born last December (Christmas, dummy!) died and resurrected. Some buddies of his did not believe he had risen especially the one called Tom. He had to stick his hand into J's wound before he did.

Ok, let's get down to business. Where were we? Ok, easter eggs.

Easter eggs are special eggs that are often given to celebrate Easter or springtime. We have already covered that. The other Easter egg is an intentional hidden message, inside joke, or feature in a work such as a computer program, movie, book, or crossword.

They have been around since 1979 when Atari's Adventure contained the first video game "Easter egg" to be discovered by its players, being the name of the game's programmer, Warren Robinett.

Since then, Easter eggs have been in various products of the tech scene: inside jokes by nerds for nerds. Some of my favourite examples are from desktop applications especially games such as GTA Vice City which is riddled with them. Also, VLC Player has a neat Easter egg I discovered some Christmas past. The VLC cone wears a Santa hat every year, in the month of December from 18th to January 1st.

Like it happens in the Dilbertian universe, the management doesn't just get it. Some have expressed 'security concerns' about Easter eggs, others are not comfortable with some of the subjects of the Easter eggs.

My question is this: do Nigerian developers put easter eggs in their products? Do they have a little time to do something fun like the Google Doodle?

I asked some of the people I follow on twitter: @celestocalculus who is part of the @tiketmobileapp team and @kehers of @proworkapp, a collaboration tool, one of the apps which won the apps4africa competition.

You could guess the answer. 2/2: NO.

These are fun-loving guys who know (and I'm sure) enjoy a little hacker humour. So why haven't they done something like that in their apps? I guess e no easy to do all the features of a good app and then add a little Easter egg that a lot of people might not find or even understand.

Why is it that well established companies still partake in what some might call tomfoolery? Surely, Google has come a long way from two guys who had an impulse to tinker with the design of their logo to a company which (I think) sets up a Doodle committee, sorry, Doodle team (I had quite forgotten not every one has the Nigerian penchant for committees).

Doodling and other inside jokes seem to me to be a way to boost morale and attract young talent. Whatever the reason you might have for laying an Easter egg, always check that it is approved by the suits (or not found by them at all). We do not want them firing the whole team because they are lucky to understand a less complex Dilbert joke, do we?

NB: Is a blog about Easter eggs complete without one? I'll give you a hint. In the url, Tom must believe.