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Startups for dummies
By Olibe.nu

A letter from my present self to my future self with a few tips about startups.

Dear future me,

I feel you might forget these few points gleaned from the Tiketmobile saga when we eventually launch our own startup in the future so I'm posting this now so we do not forget.

  1. No one has a monopoly on ideas.
    The fact that we have this cool idea is enough to resonate someone else's brain to the same frequency. We have to be much more than an idea before we pitch. Before they walk a mile to criticize us, we will be a mile away and still with our shoes!

  2. No one is a vulture...
    even though they are capitalists. It is a startup eat startup world. No one is going to apologize for cloning our stuff. Why? See point 1. Need more reasons? All is fair in love and war. And make no mistake, business is war!

  3. A startup is a business...
    not a place to brag about our cool hack, impressive backend or cool GUI. Leave that for GitHub. It's profit, profit, profit! The only reason to reject more money is even more money, not even a plan to make more money (because we all know how accurate plans are). See that site nairaland.com? It looked the same way it does now back when I was writing this piece. It's not about the tech, it is about the money. Or will be eventually.

  4. There's nothing new under the sun.
    Any scenario that comes up has most definitely been endured by some startup before. You could take Jessica Livingston's book Founders at Work and see. Ran out of money? The Blogger story is found in chapter 8. VC not giving you more funds? See Hotmail's story in chapter 2. There are other such war stories where lessons can be gleaned from.

  5. Power the startup with fufu
    Or amala, tuwo, akpu or any similar backend. You can then boast that our startup is totally locally brewed, hence scoring a few points in your sphere. No more Ribena quaffing.

I'm sure you learnt other tips and are now raking in the money. If time travel has being invented, do pop back and credit my account will you? Or bring R.R. Martin's final books (we really want to know if the dragon girl got to sit on the iron throne).

Present me.